Ssp 127

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Ssp 127

It is built to last and it will not let you down when you need it.

ssp 127

The pistol gets shipped from Austria Central Europe to the customer. The pistol will be the same in both cases. In other words, the CO2 pistol will work with Gas Magazines and vice versa. My mission was clear. And from there it was a long journey of trial and error to create my perfect partner on the field.

The CNC finished aluminum slide comes with serrations, for easy gun manipulation.

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It is threaded and can be equipped with a thread adapter for mounting tracer units or suppressors. Due to the extended slidecatch, speed reloads are much easier to perform. Both the adjustable front sight and the rear sight have white marks for fast target acquisition. With the ambidextrous safety, the SSP1 can be used by both left and right-handed shooters. The high pressure of a CO2 cartridge puts a lot of stress onto the nozzle of any gas blowback pistol.

That's why the nozzle of the SSP1 is made of a highly durable polymer that can withstand these forces with ease. The 31 rounds magazines come with a beefy rubber lip seal for improved gas efficiency. The high pressure of the CO2 magazine results in 1. The Gas magazine provides 0. The smaller fps are great for smaller minimal engagement distances at CQB areas. This in combination with the precise manufactured inner barrel makes for great accuracy. The videos will not just show you how to maintain and disassemble your SSP1 but also how to manipulate it to be as efficient on the field as possible.

The new valve tool is also included in the box. If you didn't find the answer there please contact me via the contact form. Also there will be videos on how the parts are exchanged. There is no definite answer to this question. Otherwise go for Gas since it is cheaper. The SSP-1 is a high-quality gun for a very affordable price, if you are planning to play in CQB or you need a sidearm for your sniper - the SSP-1 is the right gun for you.

Log in. Description Description Release Video. How To Order.In this sea, unless Strength has an overwhelming advantage, or has a deep hatred for each other, or is related to interests, most of them are tempted. After Crocodile left the Rogan last night, because of the dark night, in the darkness, just a few short breaks, on his ship, more than a dozen crew members suddenly pulled out the Blade and Sword weapon, Attack them. Next to the companion. This weird scene has had quite serious consequences for the entire Pirates.

Through the moonlight, he saw the guy who led the team was the guy wearing the pink feather coat. With a series of laughter, Duo Fulang Ming quickly left here. For the Captain, who is always nervous and ready to take the attitude of Attack, it is reasonable.

Crocodile is surrounded by yellow sand, his eyes are low, his face is full of iron blue and ice-cold. In the end, he did not say anything, and walked with the rest of the man toward the island. Guard Captain looks at the two pairs of Pirate, which was famous in the great channel of the first half, finally stopped, and it was a secret sigh.

Such a guy suddenly appeared in Alabasta, no matter where it is, it will cause a huge sensation. Although the kingdom will not easily shoot them, the necessary surveillance is indispensable. The civilians on the coast only took a look.

When they saw several ordinary people, they did not pay attention. At this time, Alabasta has beautiful scenery and rows of green trees. The island is full of birds and flowers, and only a small area is a desert where no one goes. Three people and one cat walked like the wind, and soon disappeared into the port, leaving only the Rogan with the sea water rolling, micro-microwave moving.

Because it is a port city, the crowd here is quite dense, and the street is full of screams, which is very lively. The three men walked on such a street, and for a time they could not help but smile. At the same time, at the street not far from them, a young man in a white shirt with a smile on his face, whispering his neck to start talk. The white shirt man whispered, and then raised the head to say hello to the pedestrians passing by, looking familiar.

Because of the time constraints, the three people just found a hotel to temporarily rest, they will choose the place to settle, Luo Chen needs to consider carefully. The house looked for a standard room. Luo Chen and Jason were in the same room. Next door was Lucy and the little master.The training is provided via an intensive five-day long session that introduces a wide variety of themes in basic health education taught by experts in the respective fields.

The participants are selected by the local government based on their age, reliability, level of education and availability. On the first day, the participants are given a pre-test that evaluates their level of knowledge about the subjects that will be taught during the training session, and are given the same questions as a post-test on the last day of training.

This is done to evaluate how much information the participants learned about basic health during the training. The participants are followed after this training by quarterly meetings, focus groups and further, more specific, training sessions. We analyzed data from the pre- and post-tests to evaluate the amount of information learned through the training sessions and we also evaluated feedback from the focus groups to determine how trainees thought the program was affecting their community and to analyze the challenges facing the VHWs.

Objectives: The objective of this project was two-fold: 1 to evaluate the amount of information about basic health retained by VHWs who participated in a week-long training session; and 2 to follow-up with VHWs to see what changes they noticed in their communities and determine what challenges they face in disseminating health information in their villages.

Methods: The study sample consisted of participants who were asked to complete the pre- and post-tests. The pre- and post-training test consisted of 49 multiple choice questions, written in Luganda, with a total possible score of The pre-test was distributed to the participants on the first day of the training session. Participants were administered post-tests on the last day of the training session.

ssp 127

The questions and the delivery of the exams were the same at both points in time. The grading of the tests was as follows: each correct answer received one point, incorrect answers received no points, and questions with more than one answer received no points.

We compared the percentage of correct answers of the pre- and post-tests to determine any changes in knowledge as a result of the training session. A total of 99 trainees were recruited to participate in focus groups. Focus groups were conducted three and six months after the original training session and involved five to ten VHWs per session. Questionnaires were distributed to the groups and questions were read aloud with discussion about each topic. We asked the VHWs: 1 Have you noticed healthy changes in your community?

Results: The VHWs selected from the communities were agedwere more likely to be female than male, and generally had a non-health related occupation. One hundred and two participants completed both the pre- and post-tests. The average difference between test scores at the two points in time was an improvement of Given that the VHWs were not previously educated about basic health, this was viewed a marginal improvement.

However, the data from the focus groups indicates that the VHWs were enacting changes in their community.

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The participants in the focus group were also aged and 43 were males and 56 were females. Conclusion: The increased mean score of the post-tests indicates that the VHWs did learn basic health information during the training session. However, the improvement in score was not as notable as one would expect given the intense nature of the trainings and the baseline level of knowledge being somewhat low.

The data from the focus groups, however, indicated that VHWs are creating positive change in their communities.Condo development, office development, commercial development and all other forms of real-estate development located in downtown and the City of Vancouver.

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General Vancouver Updates. Today AM. Condo development, office development, commercial development and all other forms of real-estate development located in Metro Vancouver outside CoV and the Fraser Valley. Today PM. Discussions on urban issues, urban design issues such as neighbourhood form, heritage preservation, development trends, green building practices, cross-regional urban design, cross-regional development strategies and all things related to the Lower Mainland's built form.

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Mar 30, PM. Lower Mainland economy, including business- job- and government-related initiatives and news. Vancouver Real Estate Apr 9, PM. Everything related to municipal politics and federal politics affecting the Lower Mainland.

Designing of Interfacial Structures in Advanced Materials and their Joints

New BC Political Discussion Apr 3, PM. Public transit, road and highway developments, the air and sea network and alternative transportation initiatives from across the Lower Mainland. Metro Vancouver Road Musical, theatrical and visual arts, as well as night-life entertainment from across the Lower Mainland.

This includes discussions on local entertainment venues. Upcoming Concerts. Feb 10, AM. Local eating establishments, pubs, lounges, and all things related to food and dining across the Lower Mainland. Metro Vancouver Restaurant Local teams, local sports and outdoor recreation-related themes.

The Metro Vancouver Park Mar 6, PM. Topics that do not fit into other forum sections. Please note this is not an "off-topic, anything goes" forum. Vancouver Rental Market Vancouver Photography. Apr 9, AM. Threats against Olympic Apr 3, AM.

All times are GMT. The time now is PM.Its efficient handling and widespread acceptance is critical to the success of the disability programs. Each year, we send more than 14 million requests for information on behalf of claimants, and a signed SSA accompanies each request.

Working from home support from SSP

Form SSA is designed specifically to:. For instructions about use and completion of the SSA in disability claims, click here. To view the SSA translation sheets in non-English languages, click here. Here are a few important legal points that support use of Form SSA To see the legal basis for any of the statements, click on " more, " where you will find quotations from appropriate regulations, with the most relevant parts bolded.

HHS feedback confirms several of these points. If not, are case-by-case justifications required each time an entire medical record is disclosed? A: No.

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The Privacy Rule does not prohibit the use, disclosure, or request of an entire medical record. Finally, no justification is needed in those instances where the minimum necessary standard does not apply If an individual wishes to authorize a covered entity to disclose his or her entire medical record, the authorization can so specify.

In order for the covered entity to disclose the entire medical record, the authorization must be specific enough to ensure that the individual has a clear understanding that the entire record will be disclosed. SAMHSA provided a guidance letter to SSA that addresses questions from medical partners and provides reassurance that they may share all evidence, including evidence related to substance abuse treatment, with SSA without concern that they may be in violation of the authorization requirements of 42 CFR Part 2.

Back to list. A "minimum necessary" determination is not required with an authorization. The Privacy Rule states Uses and disclosures that are authorized by the individual are exempt from the minimum necessary requirements.

Q: Are providers required to make a minimum necessary determination to disclose to federal or state agencies, such as the Social Security Administration SSA or its affiliated state agencies, for individuals' applications for federal or state benefits?

These disclosures must be authorized by an individual and,therefore, are exempt from the HIPAA Privacy Rule's minimum necessary requirements. Furthermore, use of the provider's own authorization form is not required. Providers can accept an agency's authorization form as long as it meets the requirements of 45 CFR For example, disclosures to SSA or its affiliated State agencies for purposes of determining eligibility for disability benefits are currently made subject to an individual's completed SSA authorization form.

It is permissible to accept copies of authorizations, including electronic copies. Response: All authorizations must be in writing and signed.

We intend e-mail and electronic documents to qualify as written documents. In addition, we do not intend to interfere with the application of the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act.

ssp 127

Comment: Some commenters asked whether covered entities can rely on copies of authorizations rather than the original. Other comments asked whether covered entities can rely on the assurances of a third party, such as a government entity, that a valid authorization has been obtained to use or disclose protected health information. These commenters suggested that such procedures would promote the timely provision of benefits for programs that require the collection of protected health information from multiple sources, such as determinations of eligibility for disability benefits.

Response: Covered entities must obtain the individual's authorization to use or disclose protected health information for any purpose not otherwise permitted or required under this rule. They may obtain this authorization directly from the individual or from a third party, such as a government agency, on the individual's behalf.

In accordance with the requirements of Sec. Covered entities must, therefore, obtain the authorization in writing.Working out whether an employee is eligible for Statutory Sick Pay SSPhow much they are entitled to, and how to record it can present itself as quite the challenge. We are able to provide businesses and organisations with outsourced, part-managed bureau and complete-managed payroll solutions, undertaking the time-consuming paperwork and processes for you.

Statutory sick pay SSP is paid to employees who are too unwell and unable to work for a period of four days or more. Employers must pay their employee for SSP if they qualify with the above.

The days an employee is receiving SSP for must be qualifying days, in other words, days that they are contracted to work. This means the relevant period is 6 th September to 1 st November Add up the total earnings within the relevant period and divide this by the total number of weeks in the period 8 weeks in this example. This means the relevant period is 29th August to 31st October.

ssp 127

With employees who are paid monthly, you would add up the earnings within the relevant period, then divide this by the total number of months in the period 2 months in this examplethen multiply by 12 and divide by 52 to get the weekly amount. Once average weekly earnings have been worked out, the below table can be used to calculate SSP. If the period of sickness works out to less than a full week, pay SSP for a part week, using a daily rate of SSP below weekly rate divided by the number of agreed QDs in that week.

This includes bank holidays, weekends and non-working days. These are the days that your employee normally works. These days can be counted as waiting days and can be paid with SSP. Waiting days are the first three qualifying days in a PIW. However, these may not always be the first three actual days of sickness, as sickness may begin on a non-qualifying day — e.

For the complete, in-depth guidelines on Statutory Sick Pay entitlement, eligibility and exceptions, please visit the Gov website. Use the following SSP Calculator to work out what your employee is eligible for. After this time is up, an employee is paid SSP. Additionally, they would not be eligible if they had not yet performed work under their contract, or did not have an employment contract in the first place.

We use cookies to make your experience better. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By using our site you agree to the use of cookies.All Rights Reserved. Registration Log In. Main Themes. Doped Nanopowders Vol. Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing Vols. Nanoscience and Technology Vols. Safety and Structural Integrity Vol. Heat Treatment of Materials Vol.

Paper Title Page. Authors: Masaaki Naka. Abstract: Strength of nanostructured Cr-B and Cr-Ni alloys prepared by sputtering was related with grain size. The alloying of B or Ni to Cr reduces the grain size of the alloys. The increase in volume of grain boundaries or amorphous phase induced by alloying elements causes the departure of strength of nanostructured Cr alloys from the values estimated by the Hall-Petch relation.

The formation and microhardness of Cr or Ti base amorphous alloys could be discussed by the chemical bonding between elements. The strength of dissimilar joints was dominated by the thickness and structure of the interfacial reaction zone between SiC and metal. The formation of interfacial reaction zone is discussed by the change of chemical potentials of elements between ceramics and metal. Authors: Yukichi Umakoshi, Hiroyuki Y.

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Yasuda, Toshiya Sakata. Microstructure and texture in B2 type intermetallic compounds such as NiAl and FeAl were controlled by a thermomechanical process focusing on obtaining highly developed texture and improving ductility.

Using data on primary crystallisation of as cast alloys a projection of the liquidus surface is proposed. Authors: J. Indacochea, J. Beres, A. Abstract: There is need for efficient energy conversion systems based on domestic fossil or biofuels.

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The purpose of this investigation is to find a procedure to seal yttria stabilized zirconia YSZ electrolyte to the stainless steel electrical interconnect or gas manifold. Brazing by in-situ alloying of nickel and titanium foils was performed to braze zirconia to stainless steel. The braze and interfacial microstructures were characterized by optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy SEMand energy dispersive spectroscopy EDS.

This paper assesses the effect of process parameters on the development and stability of the braze metal and the interactions of the filler metal with the two substrates. Abstract: Currently there is an increasing demand for composites and joints composed of hard materials, such as ceramics, superabrasives or metal-carbides, and metals. Wear pads, welded or brazed machining tools or composites employed for grinding tools are typical fields of application. All those various materials solutions have in common that there are interfaces between materials that typically have a covalent or ionic bonding and metals.

Consequently, wetting and bonding problems arise. The paper presents different examples and discusses them with emphasize on the corresponding interfacial interactions.

Furthermore measures are analysed that can be taken to influence the intensity and strength of the interfacial bonding between the materials to be joined. Abstract: This paper presents a generic design and implementation of a telerobotic system application for the remote welding of unstructured and hazardous environment.

The objective is to establish a remote welding telerobotic system that is flexibility to carry out welding seam tracing and welding remotely.


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